The 2022 Mirror Ball Trophy Judges Choice Winners are Bethany DeZelle and C.J. Simmons. They were selected by the judges on Thursday, November 17, 2022 during the DWTSS event at Connection Church.

In addition the Top Fundraisers award was presented to Ginny Hendley and Paul Schwerfeger.

The DWTSS competition was emceed by Joey Fennell and Russ Lanier

Judges included Actor/Producer/Director William Mark McCullough, Actress/Recording Artist Erin Alvey, Choreographer/Business Owner Frank Middleton and Celebrity Trainer/Business Owner Shazi Edmonds.

Annual Community Fundraising Event for Safe Haven

The 2022 Dancing with the Statesboro Stars presented by Wing Maxx raised more than $149,045 for Safe Haven, a program of Citizens Against Violence, Inc.

Ten couples spent months rehearsing and holding fundraisers to help the organization, which serves victims of domestic violence in Bulloch and surrounding counties.  Safe Haven provides emergency shelter, safety planning, legal advocacy, support groups, child assistance, housing program and much more.

This was their 12th Annual event and has helped make the community more aware of domestic violence and many services Safe Haven offers survivors of domestic violence.

“Tonight as you have fun and are awed by these amazing routines, remember why we are here. We are here for Safe Haven’s mission. To serve, strengthen and support survivors of domestic violence.  Remember abuse is NEVER a victim’s fault. The truth is there is nothing someone can ever say or do to ever deserve to be abused or mistreated. Everyone deserves to be safe in their home and in their relationships. ALWAYS.  Survivors deserve to be heard. Survivors deserve to be believed. They deserve justice. They deserve safety.  Domestic violence is an epidemic and we need to treat it as one.” said Kim Billings, Safe Haven Public Relations and Legal Services Director.

“I say this every year but it still warms my heart to know, that we are so blessed to live in a community that is extremely selfless with their time and resources and are quick to lend a hand of help and support to their friends and neighbors in need, not only to Safe Haven but to other important causes in our area.”

Congratulations to Bethany DeZelle/C.J. Simmons and Ginny Hendley/Paul Schwerfeger along with all the dancers who made this years DWTSS fundraiser one of the amazing ever.

2022 DWTSS dancers Credit: Grice Connect

The stars were paired with dance professionals and included:

  • Tammy Mascarello and Cate Hutcheson
  • Micheal Summers and Hannah Beggs
  • Kalen Rogers and Katie Sconyers
  • Dr. Kailee Sylvester and Courtney Cribbs
  • George Lawrence and Diana Ray
  • Ginny Hendley and Paul Schwertfeger
  • Bethany DeZelle and CJ Simmons
  • Zachary Dalgard and Jillian Higgins
  • Jarrod Creasy and Jade Hoyle
  • Kelley Burns and Devon Thompson

The real winners and the reason they dance

We want to give a special shout out to the survivors of domestic violence who attended this years” DWTSS event. You are the reason why our community dances. You are why Safe Haven exists. You are the true heroes of the evening.  What you went through or are going through does not define you.  You are so much more than what has happened to you.  We are proud of you, wherever you are in your journey and we celebrate your courage and strength.  We are always here for you and your family.

Please call us if you would like more information on Safe Haven or call them at 912-764-4605.

Tickets available for encore DWTSS on Sunday, November 20, 2022

Tickets available for encore DWTSS on Sunday, November 20, 2022 There are still tickets available for the Sunday, November 20th 3:00 pm encore show that will also be held at Connection Church. You can purchase tickets at the door prior to the event.

Click here to purchase Sunday tickets

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