Grice Connect, Statesboro’s Hyper-Local news, joins Statesboro hotels, restaurants and businesses in rolling out the “blue carpet” for college baseball teams and their fans visiting for the Statesboro 2022 NCAA Baseball Regionals this weekend.

Thanks to you, all Statesboro hotels are full and local businesses have increased inventory and staff to prepare for the large number of fans coming to the Boro for the sold out three day tournament.

We are thrilled to host you in our beautiful city and want to help provide you with the information you need to enjoy your visit here.

Blue Mile streetscape construction – restaurants and business are open Credit: Grice Connect

Blue Mile Construction – RESTAURANTS OPEN

FIrst we want to apologize for the road construction through the center of our downtown. This is not exactly the welcome matt we prefer to roll out and feel it needs a bit of explanation. This road is is part of the historic Highway 301, which before interstate 95, was the main corridor for travelers from the north to Florida. During that time it was a robust tourism area filled with restaurants, shops and hotels. However, as traffic shifted, this part of our city felt the abandonment of throngs of visitors.

Blue Mile Circa 1960’s now the location of Gnatt’s Landing at the entrance of the Blue Mile Credit: Bulloch County Historical Society

Understanding that this is the front porch of our community, especially for students and families visiting Georgia Southern University, a group of concerned citizens formed the Blue Mile Foundation to lead the revitalizing of this important area.

From the center of downtown, where the four Main Streets intersect, to the entrance of Georgia Southern University is one mile. GS primary color is Blue. Now you know why it is called the “Blue Mile“.

East Main Street in Downtown Statesboro – 1 mile from GSU campus Credit: Grice Connect

Statesboro Blues

Statesboro was made famous by the Allman Brothers’ band remake of the Willie McTell song, “Statesboro Blues.” As you venture up the Blue Mile from campus to downtown, you will discover our Visit Statesboro office, ready to welcome you to town. At the front of the building, sitting on the bench is a bronze statue of Willie McTell. If your a Gretsch fan you might want to check out the Gretsch guitar and drum exhibit inside.

Willie McTell welcomes visitors at Visit Statesboro, 222 South Main. Credit: Grice Connect
Gretsch exhibit inside Visit Statesboro

Farmers Market

For those of you who are here on Saturday morning from 9 am to 12:30 pm you will see the Visit Statesboro area come to life as they host the weekly Farmers Market in a warehouse behind the Visit Statesboro building.

The Farmers Market hosts a variety of arts and crafts vendors, local food vendors along with fresh produce. It is a great way to experience the people and culture of our community.

Farmers market is Saturday from 9 am to 12:30 pm Credit: Grice Connect

If you can look past the construction barrels on each side of the Blue Mile you will find some of Statesboro’ S best, locally owned restaurants and shops. If you like Barbecue, you have four options down the Blue Mile and in the downtown area.

Ask a local – It’s a compliment

Every inch of our city is beautiful and welcoming. We encourage you go get out and explore. If you haven’t already noticed, our locals are friendly folks who are genuinely excited to have visitors.

We consider it a compliment for you to stop us and ask us anything you want to know about our city. Ask us our favorite locally owned restaurant or business. We will all have a different answer and we are all right!

Grice Connect Events Calendar

We have put together an interactive events calendar for more local ideas. Local businesses and restaurants can submit your event for free to the Grice Connect event calendar by clicking here.

Local Websites to help guide you

Here are some websites to help find all the information you need about this weekend and our community while you visit the Statesboro 2022 NCAA Baseball Regionals.

2022 NCAA Tournament Scores and info

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