Grice Connect has been fielding questions for a few days regarding the site work being done at the former IHOP restaurant in Statesboro. The restaurant building is located at the corner of Veterans Memorial Parkway and Northside Drive East. The restaurant has been closed for almost two years now. It closed weeks after the 1.17 acre property, including the IHOP building, sold in December 2021 for over $2 million.

The new owners of the property, W4 Properties Statesboro 2LLC, are preparing to demolish the old IHOP to make way for a new Tidal Wave Auto Spa express car wash. This will be the third proposed Tidal Wave.

Their first was built as a W4 express car wash on Fair Road. The W4 car wash on Fair Road was rebranded to Tidal Wave after the W4 car wash company was acquired by Tidal Wave. The second one is proposed to be built behind the new Eagles Corner Shopping Center off of the Veterans Memorial Parkway.


According to the City of Statesboro they are putting in erosion control on the site as they finalize permitting and building plans. They did not have an estimate on the construction timeline including completion of the new car wash.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa corporate office is located in Thomaston, Georgia.

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