Zen'ergy Holistics will offer a free meditation class on Tuesday, November 29th, from 7:30-8:30pm.

The holidays are fast approaching, and you may get overworked and overstressed with so much to do in so little time. Fortunately, Zen’ergy in the Market District has you covered this month with their monthly Free Meditation Class. This meditation class is freely available to everyone and works to help teach people the basics of meditation.

“It’s really more for the beginner or someone who just needs to relax for a while,” said Meditation Instructor Linda Shepherd. “And I do sometimes one long meditation or two shorter meditations.”

Linda Shepherd has studied three different forms of meditation throughout the past 40 years and has been using these methods to help teach the patrons of Zen’ergy the proper techniques. Meditation offers plenty of benefits, both mentally and physically.

“You can lower your blood pressure with meditation,” Shepherd said. “It can also help you focus better. And once you are able to relax, it is easier to calm yourself down in different situations.”

Shepherd also teaches Thursday classes after the Free Meditation class that members can take that is more advanced than the beginner’s course.

Zen’ergy Holistic Yoga & Metaphysicals

Zen’ergy Holistic Yoga & Metaphysicals is a holistic service store owned by Brianna Allen. The local business opened up on the 27th of August this year. The store offers yoga classes, meditation classes, and a range of holistic services. On top of that, patrons can buy crystals, herbs, teas, jewelry, incense, and other trinkets to help soothe the mind or help heal one’s self in various ways.

“I say crystals can be of great assistance during the [holiday] season,” said Allen. “Like sodalite, which is a really good crystal for stress and anxiety, because I know stuff gets heightened with, like, what gifts do they want? I don’t know, I can’t decide, you know, indecisiveness. Sodalite is a good crystal to have with you because it serves as a great crystal to have for anxiety and stress relief.”

For the holiday season, Zen’ergy also offers gift certificates for meditation and yoga classes and a few other specialty classes.

Sign up for meditation class

Free meditation classes are offered on the last Tuesday of every month. The free class for November is on the 29th from 7:30-8:30pm, and you can sign up on the Zen’Ergy Holistic Yoga & Metaphysicals website.

The course will be held at Zen’Ergy Holistic Yoga & Metaphysicals at 1100 Brampton Avenue, Suite C, in the Market District. Call (912) 495-8528 for more information.

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