Dear Readers,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your support of Grice Connect so far this year. We have grown so much, and that is all thanks to YOU!

As we continue on, our goal is two-fold. We want to keep you informed and tell you everything important that is going on in and around Statesboro and Bulloch County — from municipal meetings to development progress to upcoming events. We also try to be on the scene quickly when major accidents or emergencies happen.

But at the same time, our goal is to bring you GOOD news whenever we can. We want to tell you about the people and organizations who are making a difference in our community. We want to be a bright spot in the news industry and provide you with stories you actually want to read.

If we can continue to do both of those things and bring them to you in a format that is both FREE and easy to read, we will have succeeded in our goals for 2022.

We appreciate your support and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving with your families!


The Grice Connect Team