Much of what attracts shoppers to Anderson’s General Store is the feeling that you are stepping back in time when you enter the store. It is not because the merchandise or store branding is not updated, quite the contrary. But it is the old fashioned service where they treat everyone who enters the business like family.

The store is filled with knowledgeable, friendly team members who are anxious to help you with any of your shopping needs. Many of Anderson’s customers like the community focus and feel of the store.

Old Farm Day combines education with community

The Old Farm Day was created over 12 years ago to bring that since of community to their customers and the larger community simultaniously.

What began as a small event has grown to become one of the communities favorite festivals of the year.

“Our team pulls this event together annually to provide fun agricultural based educational opportunities, give local charities and businesses an opportunity to raise some funds for their organizations and create a sense of community for our customers with a wholesome family event,” said Liz Marsh, Marketing Director for Anderson’s General Store. “It is so rewarding to see the community pull together to support the festival in which so many of our customers and members of the community enjoy.”

Proceeds from raffle items went to support Fostering Bulloch’s Hope Chest. Future Vets of Georgia Southern and Trail Life were two other non profit organizations who used the event to raise funds and awareness about their organizations.

Some of the attractions included live animals, pony rides, bee exhibits, bull roping, a maze for children, a mechanical bull and a train ride.

Marsh said they always try to incorporate a historical component each year. This year that included a small grist mill, antique tractors and cars.

Below are a few photos from the event:

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