Billy Williams, Southern Divisional Vice President for Food Lion, was in town on August 20 to participate in the one millionth family meal distribution by Feed the Boro. At the food drop, they presented a check for $25,000 to Feed the Boro.

As the presenting sponsor, this is the second major donation they have made to Feed the Boro since acquiring the former Bi-Lo grocery store in the Statesboro Mall.

Mr. Williams shared with Grice Connect why this partnership is so important to Food Lion.

Q: This is an incredible partnership between Food Lion Feeds and Feed the Boro impacting our community. Why do you choose to support organizations like Feed the Boro?

A: For Food Lion, supporting the community and nourishing families and setting them up for success in life is important for our organization. Feed the Boro is an important cause that we are happy to support. I think about our local leader here in Statesboro, Tod Marsh. Tod is doing an amazing job connecting with the community and making sure Food Lion is known as an organization that supports this community.

Tod Marsh Food Lion
Tod Marsh, Statesboro Food Lion Manager Credit: Lori Grice

Q: Tod Marsh operates Food Lion as if he owns the store. He is in the store all the time. You see him stocking shelves, mopping floors, and greeting shoppers calling them by name, personally welcoming them and asking how he can help make their experience better. Tod leads the local Food Lion team by his example. Is this unique or is this Food Lion culture?

A: That is Food Lion culture. When we think about towns and cities, Tod represents the town of Statesboro. Who he is as a human being, that represents who we are. Tod does this because it is the right thing to do. We encourage our leaders to support our towns and cities. We encourage our leaders to be in the community and do the right things to support our towns and cities.

Billy Williams Food Lion Feeds
Billy Williams, Divisional Vice President of the Food Lion Southern Division passes out $10 Food Lion gift cards Credit: Grice Connect

Q: Being the presenting sponsor of Feed the Boro events means a lot to the community. Because of this sponsorship, Food Lion Feeds makes a huge difference every month for so many families. What does this mean to you?

A: This is absolutely fantastic. When I think about the amount of people out here volunteer-wise and the amount of folks out here in line, we just couldn’t be more thrilled to serve. Because it is important for our organization as to who we are and who we want to be as a pillar of the community.

Feed the Boro One Millionth

Below is a video from the One Millionth family meal given away by Feed the Boro. You can watch part of Mr. Williams’s interview in this video.

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