Bulloch County Sheriff Noel Brown authorized a press release regarding a vehicle pursuit that took place Sunday August 7th on Pulaski Rd.

The chase ended when the driver struck a bridge causing his vehicle to crash into the water. 

Since the press release there have been questions and commentary by the general public as well as requests for release of the dash cam video by local media.

In light of the fact the investigation is for the most part complete, Sheriff Brown has authorized release of the dash camera video of Deputy Dylan Walden.

The family of Ashton Mingle have already received a copy of the video.

View the video below:

Video of the Bulloch Sheriff pursuit of Ashton Mingle released by BCSO – Viewer discretion advised

The video shows a relatively low speed chase, with speeds in the 60’s and 70’s until minutes before the crash. In the video you can hear the speeds given audibly by Deputy Walden. Mingle accelerated his car and speeds increased dramatically to over 100 mph seconds before the car crossed the centerline and struck a bridge, flipping over into the water.

The video ends at this point. What you don’t see or hear are the heroic efforts of Deputy Walden and other deputies who arrived at the scene and entered the dark water to help rescue Mingle. The car was submerged in the water. The deputies were able to miraculously extricate Mingle from the vehicle and attempt life saving first aid.

Coroner Jake Futch said that Mingle died at the scene from blunt force trauma sustained by the impact of the car with the bridge.

Grice Connect offers our condolences to the friends and family of Ashton Mingle.