Sunday Morning, August 7, 2022 at around 4:47 am Bulloch County Sheriff’s Deputy Dylan Walden attempted to stop a vehicle driven by Ashton Mingle, 27, with a Statesboro address on Pulaski Road near the Whippoorwill Subdivision.

Walden learned that the vehicle registration information indicated that Mingle was driving on a suspended license and was wanted for a felony warrant.

Walden initiated emergency lights and sirens and continued to follow Mingle down Pulaski heading towards Candler County. During the majority of this pursuit speeds were not excessive.

As Mingle approached the Bulloch-Candler County Line he suddenly accelerated and struck a bridge causing his vehicle to crash into the water. Deputies quickly jumped into the water and freed Mingle from his crashed vehicle.

Deputies then gave first aid and took measures to attempt to revive Mingle.
Unfortunately, he was pronounced deceased after the arrival of the E.M.S.

The Georgia State Patrol was requested to investigate this incident and that investigation is still ongoing at this time.