Hundreds of families went home with a week’s worth of groceries Saturday morning at Feed the Boro 16th food drop at Statesboro High.

Each food drop draws around 800 cars lined down the street with one to two families per car. The food is supposed to feed a family of four two meals a day for a week.

Don Poe, Feed the Boro president, loads boxes of food onto a trailer in the Statesboro High School parking lot. Feed the Boro starts distributing groceries at 8 a.m. Credit: Eden Hodges

“We’re never the first people here,” said Don Poe, President of Feed the Boro. “They wait in line for a good four and a half hours to get these groceries. They ain’t doing it just for the fun.”

Poe and his all-volunteer staff arrive at 4 a.m. to set up for the drop. They are always accepting volunteers.

“If I supply somebody $250 of groceries, that frees up $250 out of their budget that they can use for medicines, car repairs, back to school kids clothes or school supplies,” said Poe.

With Saturday’s food drop, Feed the Boro has given away over 960,000 meals in Bulloch County. Poe projects that next month they’ll reach a million meals.

Volunteer workers tie up bags of groceries to be placed in car trunks or handed off through windows. Feed the Boro made their first food drop in November of 2020. Credit: Eden Hodges

“That’s a big number,” said Poe. “I don’t know to be happy or sad about it. I’m sad that we need it. I’m happy that we’re able to provide.”

For more information about future food drops or how to get involved, visit Feed the Boro’s website.