Statesboro’s United Voices for Christ took home a first-place win for small choir last week from Greenville South Carolina’s national gospel competition, How Sweet the Sound, last week.

“I pastor and I preach, and I love singing,” the pastor of United Fellowship Worship Center and choir leader, Brock Taylor said. “I love worshipping and praising God, and music is a great vehicle for me to not only reach God but to reach people.”

The female voices of United Voices for Christ. Photo courtesy of Pastor Taylor.

To an audience of thousands, Pastor Taylor’s choir of 25 close friends, family and church members sang their “Taylored” version of “Giants” by Donald Lawrence. Of that audience was Lawrence himself, who was hosting the show.

“He was well pleased and said [we] slapped him with his own song,” said Pastor Taylor.

Competing against three others in the small choirs division, they were the only group from Georgia in the entire national competition, but a few members of the audience came from home to cheer them on.

“Oh my god, the support,” said Pastor Taylor. “There were so many people that came, travelled those three plus hours to that concert. It was mind blowing… It just showed a lot of love.”

Taylor holds a $5000 check after winning the small choir division in a national gospel competition on June 4, 2022.

The annual event had been on a hiatus for almost a decade until this year. There were four categories, big choir, small choir, solos and dance, with four competitors for each that were selected from audition tapes.

“The whole meaning behind winning for me is showing that God has not forgotten,” said Taylor. “I have for a long time dreamed of not being noticed or being famous, but just being a word carrier.”

Taylor started the choir 22 years ago, running it for many years with close family and friends.

“My entire family sings, from my mother and my grandparents. We’re just a big singing family… We sit around the house on Sundays after church, go to mama’s house or aunts’ and uncles’ house and we just sing.” 

The male voices of United Voices for Christ. Photo courtesy of Taylor

Taylor’s choir tours the state at least once or twice a week, playing concerts, charity events, weddings and even funerals – sometimes traveling to Florida or South Carolina for a performance.