Bulloch County public safety members were treated recently by members of the Ogeechee Masonic Lodge # 213 F & AM in downtown Statesboro. The Freemasons fed over 112 public safety workers a fish dinner they prepared at the lodge downtown.

According to David Thompson, Senior Warden, this is the fourth year the members have come together to honor members of public safety in our community. He noted that their service to the community is unmatched, especially this past year through the pandemic.

Ogeechee Masonic Lodge
Credit: David Thompson

Several members of the fraternity make an annual fishing trip to personally catch the fish for the fish fry. This year they traveled to Lake George in Florida where they caught nearly 500 fish.

About the Ogeechee Masonic Lodge #213 F & AM

The Ogeechee Masonic Lodge #213 F & AM was chartered in 1857 and currently has around 140 members. The leadership includes:

  • The Worshipful Master is Hugh Thompson
  • The Senior Warden is David Thompson
  • The Junior Warden is Jones Mashborn
  • The Secretary is Keith McIntyre
  • The Treasurer is Ed Akins

In the Bulloch community the Masons raise money to help needy families at holiday times or when families have a tragedy.

Credit: David Thompson

In the statewide community, as an organization on the state level they operate a children’s home in Macon, The Masonic Home of Georgia. The Home is a residential child care facility that provides basic care to children in need.

Residential child care is defined as the appropriate placement of children whose care cannot be provided in their own home or for whom group care is a positive alternative.

Credit: David Thompson

The population of the home runs between 20 to 30 kids ages 6 and up through college age. They send them all to private school and on through college as long as they have good grades and are in good standing.

The Ogeechee Masonic Lodge takes the kids on a few fun trips during the year.

Credit: David Thompson

Two of the kids favorite is the June Splash in the Boro trip and a ghost tour of Savannah in October with Afterlife Tours.

How to Become A Mason

If a man wants to become a Mason all he has to do is ask. They are not a secret society, they are a society with secrets. They meet at 7 PM on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. They have a meal before each meeting and anyone who is interested can come and eat with them and get to know everyone. Check out their FB page and the state level website The Grand Lodge of Georgia.

Grice Connect salutes the Mason’s for their work in our community and the powerful impact they have on so many children’s lives. Special thanks to David Thompson for the photos used in the story.