The Bulloch County Board of Commissioners met for the regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

One Bulloch County property owner shared her concerns about rising property taxes.

“[With] the increase in taxes and insurance, we’re gonna be priced out of a home.”

She identified herself as a single-income, widowed senior citizen finding it increasingly more difficult to pay for things, saying her property tax doubled over the past year.

“I know we’re supposed to pay taxes, but please don’t make it difficult for Bulloch County citizens.”

She proposed a raise to the 1% sales tax so that people coming in the county might help pay some of those taxes rather than burdening residents.

Ben Tapley receives Georgia Fire Chief Certification

At the start of the meeting, the Georgia Fire Chief’s Association presented Ben Tapley with his Georgia Fire Chief Certification.


Business Approved by Commissioners

Approved: Lease renewal agreement with State Properties Commissioner (SPC) for space leased at 3 Altman Street, Suite A within the Health Department Building. The monthly rent rate is $549.33.

Approved: Lease renewal agreement for Fiscal Year 2023 with State Properties Commissioner for space leased at 41 Pulaski Road (Human Services, Department of Family & Children Services). The monthly rental rate is $12,925.

Approved: Enter into a one year lease agreement with Kelly Brown and Statesboro Aviation. Brown, owner of Statesboro Aviation, would like to lease corporate hangar #3 at the Statesboro-Bulloch County Airport for $750 per month.

Approved: One year lease for corporate hangar #4 with Josh Rogers. Rogers submitted an application to lease corporate hangar #3 for seven hundred dollars ($700) per month. The Airport Committee recommended approval of the lease.

Approved: County grounds contract renewal from The Groundsmen and A-1 Grassroots. “We have had great success using both parties for maintaining the county grounds and would like to continue to do so for FY2023.” Groundsmen renewed for $60,225 and A-1 Grassroots for $36,430.

Approved: Motion to Re-Approve Fireworks Contract Renewal with Zambelli Fireworks Mfg. Co. with a Revision. The contract renewal from Zambelli Fireworks for the Firecracker Fest July 4 was adopted by the BOC in a September meeting.  After the adoption, it was discovered that the price listed on the contract renewal was incorrectly listed as $15,000 instead of $20,000.

Approved: Accept the FY2023 Drug Court and Mental Health Court grant awards from the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Drug Court was awarded $239,011. The Mental Health Court was awarded $159,153.

Approved: Lease renewal with Pineland BHDD.

Approved: Purchase of pipe from Cherokee Culvert. “Cherokee Culvert is a sole source supplier. We are unable to obtain materials from another vendor.”

Approved: The reappointment of Allen Amason to the Coastal Regional Advisory Council to serve a year term starting July 1. The Coastal Regional Commission is directed by a Commission Council, a body of elected and appointed officials representing the public and private sectors. The Board of Commissioners must appoint one non-public representative to serve.

Approved: Computer replacement bid for all divisions within the County. Georgia Technologies and the Public Relations Division worked with each County division to determine what computers needed replacing this year. The State Contract cost for the 56 computers that need replacing, 39 monitors and 30 sound bars is $61,912.89.

Approved: The purchase of two TRACS ceiling mount Mod. # TM500 HEPA/UV-C air purifiers from TRACS Manufacturing Systems.

Zoning Items Approved

Approved: The Reserve at Brannen Lake East is requesting a county street light tax district. The Reserve at Brannen Lake will include 27 lots at or near Lotts Creek Road.

Approved: Glenda Stringer has submitted an application to rezone 107.29 acres from R-80 to R-25 and R-3 to allow for a single family (R-25) and multi family (R-3) development. The property is located on Evelyn’s Lane. Cody Rogers will be acting agent.

Approved: Michael Smith has submitted an application for a conditional use to host public and private events. Property is located at 23806 US Highway 301 North.

Approved: JKJ Statesboro, LLC has submitted an application to rezone 32.19 acres from R-25 to R-2 to allow duplexes with 25,000 sq ft lots. The property is located on Rail Road Bed RD. Joey Maxwell is the listed agent.

Approved: The Bulloch County Planning and Development Department proposes to amend the Zoning Ordinance of Bulloch County to include definitions and regulations related to commercial cryptocurrency mining operations.