The first ever Statesboro Hot Air Balloon Festival is this weekend, Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15, 2022 at the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fairgrounds! Get tickets here

The coordinators of the balloon festival are the same organization that brought the Laser Light show to the fairgrounds during the pandemic in 2021, dubbed the “Cabin Fever” Lightshow.

They have been coordinating hot air balloon festivals since 2008, however most have been in the northwest Georgia area.

Ticket Information

  • Online Pre-Event Tickets are $20 adults, $8 Kids.  5 and under free.  
  • Gate prices are $30 adults, $15 kids . 
  • Not a Balloon Ascension event. Balloons stay onsite. 
  • Balloon Rides are an additional $25 per person and NOT included in admission ticket.  
  • Kids rides require additional tickets from $2 to $8 and a $15 all day pass wristband for all bounce house rides


Times: Gates open at 3pm. Most folks start to arrive about 5pm. Festival ends after the Balloon Glow & Laser Show around 9:30PM or so depending on whether we still have folks in line for tethered balloon rides. This could be later depending on wind and weather related conditions.

Balloon Set-Up times: Weather is the unknown variable. Balloons do NOT set up in the rain or when the wind gusts are higher than 8- 10 mph. This usually happens around DUSK, however it could be before. Information will be shared at the Venue VIA the PA system and the LARGE LED screen located at the stage. We will share updates on weather and balloons on our website

Balloon Rides: Balloon rides require very mild winds (below 5MPH) and no rain to operate safely. You may also see balloons up and NO RIDES will be available because the winds are too high to safely do Balloon Rides. Announcements will be made VIA the PA System and the LARGE LED screen at the stage. If you head over to the Balloon Ride tent you will see a flagpole with Flags for different balloon operations.



GREEN FLAG is for Balloon are a GO!

When you arrive at the festival we suggest heading over to the Balloon Ride Tent and filling out your passenger waiver. You will then be given a colored wristband… this is so you DO NOT have to WAIT in line. We will also share updates on weather and balloons on our website

If the Balloons don’t set up: If the Balloons cannot set up due to rain or high winds we will still have a fantastic Laser Show & Ring of Fire display at about 9PM.

IN ADDITION: If you come out Saturday and the Balloons do not setup, you may use your ticket again Sunday. If you don’t attend until Sunday and the balloons do not setup Sunday, your ticket will be good again at next years festival. If you come out Saturday and the balloons don’t set up and cannot attend Sunday your ticket is still good next year. We will update our website with any weather related advisories. The Balloon Team will make announcements and updates VIA the PA system and on the LARGE LED screen by the Stage.

Party Harbor Kids Area

Kids Area – Kids area has rides and activities including a live Magician and Juggler on stage! Rides are extra. they run from $2 to $8 and a $15 all day pass wristband for all bounce house rides.

Rides are a VENDOR operation. Check with them for terms and conditions.

Bands and Musicians: We will have a central stage area with a great lineup of musicians and bands.

Band Schedule:


  • Eric Garmany 5-7PM
  • Up and Running Band 7-8:30PM


  • Corey Alan Rose 4-5:00PM
  • Eric Garmany 5:00-6:00PM
  • Local Nomads -Band 6:00-7:30PM
  • Up and running Band 7:30-9:00PM

Bathrooms: Multiple clean sanitary and monitored bathrooms are available in the Fairgrounds.

If you have any issues email us at

Event times: Gates open at 3PM with activities and things to do until the Balloons Set up. Most folks start arriving around 5-6PM traffic may back up during peak times. Be prepared. You will most likely NOT see any balloons until DUSK (7:30PM or so), however it could be before. We will set up Balloons as soon as it is safe to do so. Show ends after the Balloon Glow & Laser Show which starts at about 9PM and runs for about 30 minutes.

Set up Chairs: You may set up your own chairs on the grass. There is lots of room and no matter where you are.. you should have a great view of the balloons!

NO TENTS are allowed. Umbrellas are ok as long as they don’t block the view of anyone around you.

For the grand finale after 8pm the festival will have the fantastic hot air balloon glow & laser show where we will light up all the balloons in unison with crowd participatory “Count Downs”! This show incorporates Music and visually stunning coordinated burns by the hot air balloons & lasers.. creating a glow!

Bring your blankets, chairs and umbrellas and set up your own “perfect” viewing spot!

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