Kathy Jenkins, the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Bulloch County is reaching out to the community to ask for support in finishing three important builds. They REALLY need skilled volunteers and additional funds to offset the rise in construction cost. They also need to hire skilled labor to fill in areas they don’t have skilled volunteers.

In November 2018, Emily Ella was told she would be one of their next Habitat homeowners. In early 2019, she began completing her sweat equity, attending homeowner education classes and awaiting her groundbreaking ceremony. Emily’s groundbreaking occurred on February 9, 2020. A month later, on March 7, they hosted the Women Build and Emily’s house begin to take shape. Shortly after, the pandemic hit.

Emily’s house, along with the homes of two other single mothers also approved in November 2018, remain unfinished. Habitat for Humanity in Bulloch County does not have adequate skilled volunteers to complete these homes in a timely fashion.

The organization had hoped to see Emily and their other two single moms in their new homes for Mother’s Day 2022.

In order to get these homes completed, they need to hire qualified subcontractors to complete the work. They need painters, flooring installers, electricians, and plumbers. This will require more funding than we had originally budgeted for these homes. They anticipate needing a total of $100,000.

Go to https://habitatbulloch.org/donate/ to donate.

They are also asking for skilled labor volunteers and donors to help support this goal and give these ladies a Happy Mother’s Day.

To volunteer, email Marcus at volunteer@HabitatBulloch.org

They REALLY need skilled volunteers to help finish these homes.