The City of Statesboro began accepting applications for package (liquor) stores on April 1. As reported in a previous Grice Connect story, City Council voted to require a minimum distance of 1,000 yards between package stores.

Grice Connect has created an interactive map to show the locations geographically. Each of the circles represents 1,000 yards from an application address. You can click on each applicant’s name on the map for more information and to access a link to Google Earth.

Package Store applications submitted as of April 11, 2022 at 5:00 PM:

  • Two Guys Beverage – 520 Fair Road Ste. 410 | Niranjan A. Patel
  • Blue Mile Wine & Spirits – 12 Brannen Street | Kaleo Lyles, Clyde Chapman, William Bridwell, Prashant Patel
  • Whiskey Business – 1410 Northside Drive East | Jeffrey Dawson, Julie Dawson
  • The County Line Too – 814 South Main Street | Landrum Hodges, Jr., Sam Johnson
  • House of Booze – 801 South Main Street | Timothy Hunt
  • Patriot Liquors – 843 Northside Drive East | David Merritt, Matthew Lipman
  • GATA Package – Tormenta Way | David Blackmon, Jeffrey Spencer
  • EZ Liquors – 1525 Fair Road Ste. 106 | Vishakha Patel
  • Clarke Beverages – 607 Brannen Street | Stephen Clarke
  • Whiskey Warehouse – 647 Northside Drive E | Raymond Driggers
  • L/C Package Store – 2823 Northside Drive West | Lindsay Martin
  • 815 South Main – 815 South Main Street | Nick Propps, Robert Bell
  • S’Boro Liquors – 860 Buckhead Drive | Robert Baughn

Interactive Map of Proposed Locations

In the event that proposed locations are too close together, City Council must decide which of the conflicting applications merits approval. Additional requirements dictate that a package store may not be situated within 100 yards of a church, school building, or alcoholic treatment center.

Per the City of Statesboro Code of Ordinances, the city clerk has 30 days to review each application once all supporting documentation has been submitted. During this time, the clerk or their designee will conduct research into the named applicants and locations to ensure compliance with established policies.

But why 1,000 yards?

According to City Attorney Cain Smith, “[The state] requires a minimum of 500 yards between package stores. That minimum applies statewide and can’t be circumvented by local action.” Smith said that the decision to enhance the requirement to 1,000 yards was done “in order to limit the number of package stores without imposing a cap on [the] number of licenses issued.”

Smith also wishes to remind citizens that all decision-making staff members, including the Mayor and City Council, are bound by a code of ethics laid out within city ordinances. Specifically, he referenced Section 2-125 which governs conflicts of interest.

In part, the section reads: “A city official may not participate in a vote or decision on a matter affecting a person, entity, or property in which the official has a substantial interest. In addition, city officials who serve as corporate officers… must disclose their interest in said entity prior to participating in a vote or decision.”

According to Smith, not everyone will get what they applied for due to existing state laws, with or without the local enhancement. “We could issue licenses to every applicant, and it wouldn’t matter because [of state requirements] and without a valid state license, any local license would be meaningless.”

Applications still being accepted

The City is still accepting applications for package stores. At this time, there is no timeline for when licenses will be granted. All applications are subject to standard review procedures as outlined in the Code of Ordinances.

A copy of the application can be downloaded by clicking here or by visiting the City’s website:

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