It’s Turkey Time Again!

That means it’s time for The GREAT THANKSGIVING TURKEY GIVEAWAY in Savannah! Tate Law Group, St. John Baptist Church (The Mighty Fortress) and Tate Global Media are inviting families in need to come drive through this year’s Great Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway and receive a free whole frozen turkey and a bag full of sides to prepare a Thanksgiving Feast.

Due to Covid safety precautions, THIS IS A DRIVE- THRU ONLY EVENT…no walk-ups allowed!

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On Saturday, November 20th starting at 12:00 noon, Tate Law Group, St John Baptist Church (The Mighty Fortress) and Tate Global Media will distribute 600 frozen whole turkeys to the first 600 families who drive thru the Great Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway at Memorial Stadium, located at 101 John J. Scott Drive. In addition to the Turkey Giveaway, families will receive a bag full of all the “fixins” to prepare for a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast for their loved ones to enjoy.

“We need to come together as a community – now more than ever to help families in need. We wanted to ensure families who need it most have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. We held our first event last year, giving away 200 turkeys. After a successful event, we knew we wanted to do even more. St. John Baptist Church, The Mighty Fortress has been providing turkeys for those in need for years. After talking to Pastor George Lee, we decided to join as a team for a larger impact on helping those in need. “

Mark Tate, Tate Law Group

Pastor Lee of St. John Baptist Church says, “we are grateful during this season to partner with our friend Mark Tate, Tate Law Group and Tate Global Media. As we now expand our scope and reach to serve those within our community, may the impact of giving this season influence our city as we “live to give” to a point where differences make no difference. May the prosperity of peace and hope transcend beyond the social boundaries so that Thanksgiving will no longer be just a “holiday” but a “lifestyle” for everyone within our region.”

Both Lee and Tate say family is so important, especially during these uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic kept many in their homes for long periods of time, making something as simple as shopping for a healthy Thanksgiving meal not possible. Many families can’t afford to purchase a turkey or the sides to go along with it.

This is a way for Tate Law Group, St. John Baptist Church (The Mighty Fortress) and Tate Global Media to help bring Thanksgiving cheer and a healthy meal to 600 families who need it most. We are so grateful to have the help of Chatham County and the Chatham County Police Department, as well as all of our volunteers, to help facilitate this event. The Great Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway Drive Thru will happen on Saturday, November 20th starting at 12:00 noon at Memorial Stadium in Savannah.

The first 600 families to drive thru will receive a frozen turkey and a bag full of fixin’s to take home to prepare for Thanksgiving. Children are also welcome and will receive a special gift just for them handed out by our Turkey Mascot.

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