Last week Pastor John Long with Christian Social Ministries (CSM) received 250 bags of food for families in need for Thanksgiving from EGRMC.

Thist has unquestionably been one of the most difficult years for EGRMC and Bulloch County. Despite this, our heroic healthcare workers chose to give a little more, though each one of them has already given so much as we saw the Delta Variant of COVID tear through our community in 2021. They broke records for emergency department visits, critical care patients, and patients on ventilators.

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For weeks upon weeks, many of these workers rarely took a day off. We as a community have much to be thankful for—and they are on the top of our list.

However, instead of simply receiving praise and thanks from the citizens of Bulloch County, they decided to give thanks back to so many in need here.

The 250 bags of Thanksgiving food items were so graciously donated by EGRMC employees and Auxiliary. Each was filled with everything needed to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, and even included a gift card to purchase a ham or turkey.

This was the 9th year EGRMC employees supported our community in this way. They are always more than willing to help in these efforts to feed needy families in and around our community.  

Now folks this is Grice Good.

Hats off to EGRMC and to Pastor Long for making a tremendous difference in our community during this time of thanks.

Click here if you would like to join the EGRMC employees and help a family in need by making a financial contribution to CSM.

DeWayne Grice

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