Live coverage of the Kiwanis Fair Parade is made possible by a partnership with Bryan Steele of Foundry Broadcasting/Radio Statesboro and the Statesboro High School video team.

A special thanks to Trip McAlhany and the video team at First Baptist Church Statesboro for providing a location, power and internet access.

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Grice Connect’s 59th Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair 2021 information guide

Grice Connect has put together a digital fair guide that answers all your questions about the Kiwanis Fair this week. Click here to learn more about the Fair.

Brought to you by Lori Grice Photography

Today’s live Kiwanis Fair Parade coverage is sponsored by Lori Grice Photography. Lori Grice has loved the fair since she was a small child. For 30 years she has supported the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair by creating a beautiful gallery display that you admire when you enter the through the main metal building entrance.

Each year Lori features clients she has created portraits for over the past year to feature in the fair gallery.

This year, she is partnering with Grice Connect to share the fair display. Make sure you visit her gallery display in the big metal building at the fair this week.

For over three decades, thousands of clients have selected Lori Grice as their artist of choice for family wall portraits, oil paintings and album collections.

The real difference in Lori’s portraits is the experience she creates for each client.

This years theme for the fair gallery is “What portrait are you putting off?”

The past year of loss has hit so many of us. Now more than ever we value our loved ones and cherish the gift of family.

There is no better way to document your love for your family and your families legacy than a Lori Grice Wall Portrait in your home.

View Lori’s work at

Lori has a limited number of sessions available for 2021 portraits. You can contact a member of her team at or 912-764-7274 to learn more about the Lori Grice Wall Portrait difference.

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