Friday marked a grim milestone for Bulloch County. We reported the 171st death of a Bulloch County citizen to COVID.

Throughout 2020, in what then seemed to be a startling number, 57 Bulloch citizens died from COVID.

Nine months into 2021, 114 more have died. That means two times more Bulloch Citizens have died of COVID this year than in all of 2020.

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If this pace continues, Bulloch County could double the number of Bulloch County citizens who died in all 20th and 21st century wars combined with COVID deaths.

The hardest part about these deaths are that most if not all of these deaths are preventable with a free, safe and effective vaccine. 

According to the Georgia Department of Health from January 2 to September 20, 2021:

  • 767,625 UNVACCINATED Georgians tested COVID positive
  • 51,104 VACCINATED Georgians tested COVID positive
  • .52% (32,920) UNVACCINATED COVID positive Georgians were hospitalized
  • .03% (1,867) VACCINATED COVID positive Georgians were hospitalized
  • .13% (8,697) UNVACCINATED COVID positive Georgians have died
  • .03% (441) VACCINATED COVID positive Georgians have died

Vaccine is the best defense against COVID death

The best way to beat COVID and to save your life and the lives of your family, friends and co-workers is to get vaccinated. Vaccines work. They are not perfect, but the data proves they greatly reduce your risk of death if you get COVID.

Go to to learn more about life saving COVID vaccines, to schedule a vaccine or to find a vaccine provider near you.

Georgia COVID Deaths should peak this coming week

According to Dr. Amber Schmidtke, PhD weekly COVID digest for Georgia Deaths continue to rise, nearly to record-setting levels.

If the trends of the past continue in Georgia, we might expect this next week to be the peak of the delta death wave.

She bases this projection on the previous surges. The Delta death surge began 4 weeks after the case surge began. And it’s been 3 weeks since the cases peaked. The graph below shows how death rate compares across Georgia hospital regions.

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