Bulloch County faith and community leaders came together on Sunday afternoon to Memorialize Bulloch citizens who have lost their lives to COVID in the past 12 months. Today, Sunday, April 11 marks the one year anniversary of the first recorded COVID death in Bulloch County.

One year later, 111 have now died of COVID in Bulloch County according the the Department of Community Health. 18,886 have died statewide and 561,000 in the United States.

More citizens of Bulloch have now died of COVID in just one year than of all 20th and 21st century wartime service related deaths combined.

According to the Bulloch County Roll of Honor, which is a record of all citizens who fought and died in American wars since the Civil War, 102 citizens of Bulloch County died during war time service.

  • WWI: 24
  • WWII: 62
  • Korea: 6
  • Vietnam: 7
  • Global War on Terror: 3

Statesboro Mayor, Jonathan McCollar addressed the audience

“We lost 111 souls that called Bulloch County home. These are our friends, these are our family members, these are the individuals that we worked, and lived and played with, these are people we prayed with. These are individual that will forever have a piece of our heart,” said Mayor McCollar.

“The greatest way we can pay tribute to these souls lost in the last 365 days will be most telling in how we treat each other. As Americans we have not been the best to each other, what is the most profound question is that biblical text can offer, ‘How can you love me who you have never seen and not love your brother who you see every day.'”

Mayor McCollar said the best way to remember these 111 is by embracing their loved ones left behind and remembering their lives by treating each other well and having the courage to love each other. He reminded the audience that we have learned through COVID that we are stronger together, better together and together we can overcome anything.

Bulloch County Commission Chairman Roy Thompson joined by Commission

Roy Thompson, Chairman of the Bulloch County Commissioners was joined by the entire Bulloch County Commission. “It is with sadness and deep sorrow we are here as I look to my right I see 111 crosses. That is with 111 deaths of Bulloch Countains that COVID has taken,” said Chairman Thompson.

“This makes me think what would I do without without my wife Deborah, she had COVID and overcame it. I heard a song and it cherish the memories. I say this to those of you who have someone represented by these crosses. Cherish the Memories. We don’t know how COVID started or when it will end. We do know that working together and praying together all things are possible.

Watch the Service in Entirety

Here is a video of the Community Memorial service in its entirety. A special thanks to Layne Phillips of the City of Statesboro for live streaming today’s service:

Presenters at Sunday’s program included:

  • Councilmember Shari Barr
  • Reverend Taylor Lewis Guthrie Hartman, First Presbyterian Church
  • Mayor Jonathan McCollar, City of Statesboro
  • Chairman Roy Thompson, Bulloch County Board of Commissioners
  • Pastor Chris Deloach, City of David Worship Assembly
  • Pastor Donald Chavers, Agape Worship Center
  • Eric Garside
  • Chase Boatright
  • Reverend, Dr. Scott Hagan, Statesboro First United Methodist Church
  • Robin Fowler, Interpreter

A special thanks to Statesboro Fire Chief Tim Grams and the Statesboro Firefighters for building and placing the crosses on the Courthouse lawn.

The Community Memorial Service was sponsored by the Statesboro Ministerial Association, Statesboro City Council and Bulloch County Board of Commissioners.

DeWayne Grice

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