Join Grice Connect today in wishing one of our founders, Lori Grice, a very happy birthday. Birthdays are special for this beautiful, inspiring lady. In her honor, we ask that you extend an extra act of kindness to someone you come in contact with today.

She would also recommended that you update your family portrait as soon as possible.

Lori Grice

If we have learned anything from the COVID pandemic, it is how delicate life can be and how suddenly it can change. She has become more passionate than ever through this in making sure every one of her clients, existing and new, have a family portrait to document their families legacy for generations to enjoy.

In addition to being a highly sought after, Internationally acclaimed master photographer and Portrait Artist, Lori is a self diagnosed, deeply caring person. It is a strength and can be a weakness, when you care deeply and passionately about others.

Lori Grice feature in Professional Photographers of America (PPA) magazine

A strong christian upbringing, passionate artist, cancer survivor and mom of a terrific daughter, Edie Grace, are all believed to be contributing factors for her deep compassion for life and the need to share this compassion and inspiration with others.

LR: Cancer Survivors and Advocates Lori Wiggins and Lori Grice

Through the COVID pandemic she has led efforts in our community to help citizens understand how dangerous the virus can be. Now through vaccinations she has helped thousands become educated about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine and get the shot.

LR: DeWayne, Edie and Lori Grice

Nearly two decades ago, Lori was a global spokesperson for the United Nations Shot at Life campaign, helping educate and promote the HPV vaccine. This vaccine, was tremendously controversial when it began, but has now proven to save hundreds of thousands of lives from cancer caused by the HPV virus.

LR: Anne Geddes, Internationally Acclaimed Photographer, Edie and Lori Grice

Most recently, Lori has gone back to her roots and sought creative inspiration from the beauty of nature with an urban garden experiment. She began this experiment, to prove that anyone can create a beautiful space in any location.

Lori’s urban garden is located behind her studio, on top of an asphalt parking lot in Downtown Statesboro. Visit it when you come enjoy the Statesboro Farmers Market adjacent to her garden and studio.

Lori Grice’s Urban Garden – Downtown Statesboro

Lori is not just passionate about people and plants, but she is a big cat lover. In fact, many of her feral cats are now enjoying the new green space downtown. In a partnership with the Humane Society of Statesboro and Bulloch and Fixing the Boro, Lori has successfully trapped, spayed and neutered over 60 feral cats in downtown Statesboro.

Most of these she also helped find forever homes. Five of which are in Lori’s, Edie’s and family members homes.

Everyday, Lori proves you can make a tremendous difference in small ways. You don’t have to be rich materialistically, but rich in love and compassion.

Happy Birthday Lori Grice, founder of Lori Grice Photography and Co-Founder of Grice Connect.

Grice Connect Receives Squashing the Spread award for their COVID awareness and work.

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