Deal Funeral Directors is restarting their Annual Law Enforcement and Public Safety Appreciation luncheon and including a fundraiser for Air Evac Flight Nurse Matt Rogers. The luncheon will be held on Friday, July 9 from 11 am to 2 pm at Deal Funeral Directors located at 22757 Highway 80 east..

According to Jake Futch, a director at Deal Funeral Directors and Bulloch County Coroner, they have extended invitation to all on duty and off duty public safety personnel. They are preparing to feed over 150 community heros. Attendees can eat at the funeral home or take plates to go.

Paws ‘N Reflect, LLC, a locally owned and operated pet cremation service with Deal Funeral Directors is also a co-sponsor for the luncheon. Bob Cook and Curt Deal manage this service. Lucy Kemp is assisting in the operations this summer.

Collecting donations for Matt Rogers

In addition they will be collecting funds for Matt Rogers, an Air Evac Flight nurse who has received a double lung transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Rogers was infected with the COVID virus and has had a long and difficult battle to over COVID. It was determined that his lungs had been damaged so badly by COVID that a double lung transplant was his best option for survival.

Matt Rogers presents one of his patients, Sadie Lee, an Air Evac Helicopter. Sadie’s parents are Kegan and RayAnn Lee.

Rogers is 55 years old and married to Renee Rogers who is a teacher at Southeast Bulloch High school.

“Our community has taken such great care of us. I am so very overwhelmed that Jake and the Deal’s are leading this effort for us and so is he,” said Renee Rogers, Matt Rogers wife.

“Friday, June 25, 2021 is five months since he went to ICU in Statesboro. Matt is being served with Occupational and Physical Therapy learning how to do everything again. He is mostly having to build his muscles back since he was sedated for over 4 weeks. Matt is working super hard every day and doing so well! His diaphragm is weak. He is on a really low setting on the ventilator so we are waiting for those muscles to get strong enough and then he should be able to get off the ventilator. He will have to stay in Jacksonville for at least a couple of months for therapy and follow up appointments and blood work to monitor rejection.”

To contribute, please make checks payable to Matt or Renee Rogers and drop them off at Deal Funeral Directors the day of the luncheon or anytime prior.

For more information contact the funeral home at 912-764-5683

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