The 46 year old male shooting victim is in critical condition at Memorial Medical Center in Savannah.

As reported last night on Grice Connect, Statesboro police officers were dispatched to a shooting at 8:51 p.m. on 2/5/21, at Checkers on Northside Drive East.  Upon arriving, officers rendered aid to the 46 year old male, who was transferred to EGRMC and then to Memorial Health in Savannah due to the severity of his injuries. His condition is listed as critical this morning. Statesboro Police are not releasing the name of the victim at this time.

A number of witnesses were located who described an exchange between the shooting victim and an as yet unidentified male in a silver four door car, possibly a Honda.  The occupant of the car then shot the victim before fleeing in the silver car towards Northside Drive East.   

Statesboro resident Amy Bowers a customer in the Checkers drive-through during the shooting describes the incident.

Public Assistance Sought

SPD Detectives are asking for the public’s assistance in solving this case.  Anyone who witnessed the incident or any of the events surrounding it is urged to contact Cpt. Jared Akins. 

Of specific interest are any interactions between the victim’s white SUV and the silver car described by witnesses.  The incident occurred at the entrance/exit to Checkers fronting on Buckhead Drive. 

Businesses asked to Preserve Video

Detectives are also asking business owners on Buckhead Drive and Northside Drive East to review and preserve any video surveillance footage they have showing Checkers or either roadway from between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on the 5th.  Detectives will be requesting this video in person soon. 

Driver of Silver Four Door Car asked to Come Forward

Finally, detectives are asking the driver of the silver four door car to come forward and explain their version of the events.    

Information may be forwarded to Captain Akins with the Statesboro Police Department at 912-764-9911 or anonymously to

DeWayne Grice

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