Congratulations to Geneva Witherspoon, CNA in the Ambulatory Care Unit, for being awarded EGRMC’s latest Employee of the Month! Geneva has been employed at East Georgia Regional Medical Center for over 18 years – starting back in 2002.

Here is an excerpt from her nomination:
“Geneva Witherspoon is one of EGRMC’s rockstars! Geneva is a CNA, yet she has also taken on the role of registrar, scheduler, and jack-of-all-trades in ACU. Her attitude is always positive, and she tackles issues with a good sense of emotional intelligence. She is a very good communicator and stays committed to doing whatever is asked of her at any time. During a time when we were experiencing a high census in the hospital, Geneva worked her day shifts, came back in to work 5-6 hours on evening shifts, went home to sleep, and then was back to work the very next day for her regular shifts. This definitely shows commitment to her hospital and her ACU team. Geneva is very responsive to her patients and with any request that comes her way. I appreciate the sense of ownership she has and her pride in being an employee of East Georgia Regional Medical Center.”

EGRMC congratulates Geneva on being awarded this honor, and thank her for being such an outstanding employee, teammate, and friend to us all.

Geneva is most definitely a shining star at EGRMC, and they are lucky to have her on their team.