Bear Hunt

Going on a “Bear Hunt”

With the unprecedented nationwide quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many neighborhoods around the nation have been participating in a community “Bear Hunt” to spread happiness to the children and families who are stuck at home practicing social distancing.  We have reports of multiple neighborhoods in Statesboro doing this as a creative way to entertain kids and encourage safe exercise.

The Lennox Hills neighborhood in Statesboro banded together to place stuffed bears in their windows and in their yards for the children to walk around and find. This was such a huge hit for the tight nit community, that they decided to also participate in a “Happy Heart Hunt,” placing hand made hearts in all shapes, sizes and colors in their windows and on their doors.

“My grandchildren have really been missing their friends and teachers at school, so getting to come over and take walks to find hearts and bears has been so much fun for them. It’s been a great way to get them active and enjoying the outdoors with the family.” Said Lennox Hills resident, Joy Kearns, “Someone in the neighborhood posted the idea on our Facebook group and all of the residents jumped on board and have gotten really into it. It’s been a lot of fun and has brought the neighborhood together during this tough time.”

Bear and Heart Hunt

Join in the fun!

As part of the #RandomActsOfCommunity movement, the mission is to spread love to the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cut out a heart of any size from any material, decorate it with positive messages or pictures, tape your heart to a street facing window to show your love to all, and as the word spreads go on a family walk or drive and see how many hearts or bears you can find!  Of course, be smart and comply with social distancing.