Staches for Shaw

This November, Statesboro Fire Department personnel will be participating in “’Staches for Shaw,” an SFD take on “No-Shave November” and “Movember,” in order to raise proceeds that will go to benefit local charities, families, or individuals through the Department’s Community Charitable Giving Program.

From November 1st until the 2nd of January, firefighters who wish to sport a more rugged look will be allowed to pay a contribution to grow out their mustaches or short beards that would currently not be allowed due to departmental policy. The name “’Staches for Shaw” was used for this same program two years ago in order to help raise funds that were to aid the family of former Deputy Chief Ronnie Shaw after he was diagnosed with Leukemia. The Department has opted to keep using it annually as a way to honor Chief Shaw, who himself sported his own iconic mustache every day.

This fundraiser marks the second program that the Statesboro Fire Department has initiated as a part of their Community Charitable Giving Program, with the first being the limited edition Cancer Awareness t-shirts that have been put on sale to the public. Other possible programs are being discussed at this time as the Department is taking a more motivated stance to giving back to the community that has supported it since its establishment in 1905.

Remaining 2019 Cancer Awareness duty t-shirts are available for order at this time on the Statesboro Fire Department website (, at the main office at 24 West Grady Street, or see your favorite Statesboro Fire Department firefighter!

Herschel DeWayne Grice is the founder of Grice Connect an online news and information company in Statesboro, Georgia. DeWayne has been active in the media for over three decades. He brings a unique insight...