Rolling Monkey turns four this Sunday, November 13! Buy a special edition birthday t-shirt and provide a child from Bulloch County with a shirt and a gift certificate for ice cream.

This weekend, Statesboro favorite Rolling Monkey is turning four! Rolling Monkey is locally owned by Georgia Southern alumni Garrett and Meagan Clark. You can join the celebration this Sunday, November 13, to help Rolling Monkey continue to inspire people who inspire the world.

Each year, the Clarks and Rolling Monkey partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Bulloch County in hopes of providing each student with an opportunity to experience Rolling Monkey. For their fourth birthday, Rolling Monkey will be selling a special edition t-shirt with proceeds going to this worthy cause in a special and fun way.

(Photo Courtesy Rolling Monkey)

For every shirt purchased, the Clarks will provide a child in Bulloch County with a matching shirt and a gift certificate to experience Rolling Monkey’s fresh and made-to-order rolled ice cream.

The shirts can be purchased in-store on Sunday (the store’s birthday) or online for pick-up. Adult size shirts are $25, and youth sizes are available for $18.

Rolling Monkey will be open from 12-9pm on Sunday for the birthday celebration.

About Rolling Monkey

At Rolling Monkey, we don’t have a tagline, we have a motto: Create To Inspire.

Photo Courtesy Rolling Monkey

We aim to deliver not only the highest quality product with exceptional attention to detail but to deliver an experience, an experience that excites, an experience that delivers a feeling of freedom from the day to day challenges of life. This experience comes by heightening the senses through the visual atmosphere, unique sounds, positive engagement, and the exceptional taste and smell of our fresh, made to order super-premium ice cream. Here, you will find that we do things differently. We challenge the ways things have always been done, as our playground is outside the box.

Our measure of success is not the typical measure of monetary gain, but rather fulfillment. That is, by doing something we love, doing something we are good at, and giving back to the community by serving others in a meaningful way. We put our heart and souls into our craft. The work we do produces a feeling of happiness for both us and the customer. What better way is there to do business?