Hundreds of power crews are on the way to Paulson Stadium in Statesboro which is a staging area for power crews. On Thursday afternoon, September 29. 2022 rows upon rows of power crew trucks had already arrived at the stadium.

Power crews staging
Power crews at Paulson Stadium Credit: Whitney Lavoie for Grice Connect

Southern Electric Corporation, Alabama Power, Georgia Power and Pike Power were some of the crews who had made it into Statesboro this afternoon.

There are also MLU Logistics emergency housing trailers, portable restrooms and personnel support equipment heading in as well.

Power staging
MLU Logistics emergency housing trailers staging at Paulson Credit: Whitney Lavoie for Grice Connect

They will remain here throughout the night until the storm has passed and they can be dispatched to restore power taken out by the storm.

Keep these brave men and women and their families in your prayers as they work tirelessly over the next few days and weeks to get power restored in areas where Hurricane Ian passed.

Prepare for Power Outages

Now is the time to prepare for power outages. Fully charge all of your electronic devices. Have your generators filled with fuel and make any other preparations you need to be without power for an extended period of time. We are not anticipating long term outages here, but it is best to follow their lead and be as prepared as possible.

Power Outage Reports

Bulloch County Public Works have been responding all day and evening to down trees. We have experienced some isolated power outages related to these trees. You can CLICK HERE to check a summary of current power outage status for Bulloch County.

To check power outages by company or to report outages see below:

CLICK HERE for Georgia Power or view below

Click Here for Excelsior EMC Outage Map

To report an outage with Excelsior call 912-685-2115 or 912-764-2123

EMC has a mobile app you can download below:

Download the EMC Mobile App
Apple Devices
Google Play Store

Georgia Power Thursday, September 29. 2022 – 5 PM Briefing

Georgia Power is monitoring and responding to outages due to Hurricane Ian as it moves toward a second landfall. Georgia Power is mobilizing restoration teams and is prepared to respond to outages as safely and quickly as possible. Resources from across all of Southern Company as well as neighboring utilities are being organized to assist in the restoration efforts.

Consult for assistance in your storm preparations. Georgia Power offers customers alternative ways to receive outage notifications. You can receive outage notifications by text, phone or email. To setup outage alert preferences, follow this link.

As a reminder to customers, please never touch any downed wire or low hanging wire, including Cable TV wires that touch a power line. Never pull tree limbs off power lines yourself or enter area with debris or downed trees as downed power lines may be buried in wreckage.

Call Georgia Power at 1-888-891-0938 or 911 to report downed power lines.

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