The emergency alert system will send out test messages via email, phone, and text message on Wednesday at approximately 2:20pm. This does not indicate that an actual emergency has occurred.

Georgia Southern University is scheduled to test all components of the EAGLE ALERT system on Wednesday, August 17, at approximately 2:20pm.

The EAGLE ALERT system is an emergency communication system designed to play a key role in keeping Georgia Southern’s students, faculty, staff, and visitors safe during emergency situations.

On Aug. 17, test emergency alert notifications will be activated on each of the University’s campuses in Statesboro, Savannah and Hinesville.

During this test, a message will go out as an EAGLE ALERT. This will include email, phone, and text message notifications. A test emergency announcement will appear on the University homepage, University Alert Center (, digital signage and social media.

Georgia Southern also will test the emergency hotline phone number: 912-681-5588. In addition, desktop notifications will appear on all University computers.

Please note that this is only a test of the system and is not an indication that an emergency has taken place on one of the University’s campuses.