President Kyle Marrero and First Lady Jane Marrero in front of a Summer Celebration banner and behind fresh peaches. Credit: Grice Connect

The annual Georgia Southern Summer Celebration event kicked off at Georgia Southern’s Statesboro Campus near the Carruth Building on Wednesday morning, July 13, 2022.

Georgia Southern President Kyle Marrero and First Lady Jane Marrero hosted the event.

“It’s a chance to come together, celebrate, and get ready for the fall,” said President Kyle Marrero. “It’s engagement, fellowship, and readiness for the fall.”

Georgia Southern volunteer handing out Leopold’s Ice Cream to an attendee at the Summer Celebration. Credit: Grice Connect

The event was open to Georgia Southern faculty, staff, students, alumni and the community in Statesboro.

The fresh peaches and fruit cups were from Statesboro local vendors. The ice cream was from Leopold’s Ice Cream, an Ice Cream parlor located in Savannah, Georgia. The ice cream flavors were True Blue, Chocolate and Vanilla. These refreshments provided were free to everyone who attended.

The crowd at the Georgia Southern Summer Celebration. Credit: Grice Connect

The Summer Celebration has been an annual event since the Georgia Southern President started it in 1948 to provide a cold treat to faculty and students who were still on campus during summer break, according to the flier put together by Jennifer Wise, the media advisor at Georgia Southern University.

The first celebration this year took place at Georgia Southern’s Liberty campus in Hinesville on Tuesday, July 12. The third event will be at Georgia Southern’s Armstrong campus in Savannah on Thursday, July 14.

Attendees getting fresh peaches at the event. Credit: Grice Connect
Kristen Kelly

Kristen Kelly

Kristen is a native Savannahian and current journalism major at Georgia Southern Universities Statesboro campus.