The Statesboro Starbucks on Northside Drive will close at noon on July 21 for a projected four weeks of interior renovations.

Because the Statesboro location is such a high producer, the interior will be completely redesigned to achieve not only a modernized look but also a more efficient flow for filling orders. While the exterior of the building will remain as-is, the renovation will achieve more interior space overall.

“We’re so busy all the time that we need the extra space and equipment,” shift supervisor Kenzie Branch said.

In addition to cosmetic updates, the renovations will include an updated bar space, the addition of a second bar, and an extra oven. (Renderings of the new space have not yet been released, but Grice Connect will update if and when they become available.)

The current Statesboro Starbucks counter (Photo Credit: Whitney Lavoie for Grice Connect)
The current Statesboro Starbucks bar (Photo Credit: Whitney Lavoie for Grice Connect)

“Our estimated date to reopen is August 19,” Branch added. “It could be a little longer than that, but that’s what we’re aiming for.”

The Statesboro Starbucks is projected to be closed from July 21 until August 19 (Photo Credit: Whitney Lavoie for Grice Connect)

The Georgia Southern campus Starbucks will remain open during the closure of the Northside Drive store.

Whitney Lavoie

Whitney Lavoie

Whitney Turner Lavoie is a Statesboro native and freelance writer/editor. She is an active volunteer with her children’s school PTO and Girl Scouts of America. Whitney previously worked in health communications...