A Statesboro native and patient advocate, Shannon Killebrew, was invited to be a virtual guest speaker at Georgia Southern University for a health psychology class.

Shannon Killebrew
Shannen Killebrew speaks virtually from he bed to the GS Class

Ms. Killebrew felt honored to present. She referenced the topic of “Barriers in Healthcare” on behalf of her patient advocacy, “Shannon’s Hope for House Calls and Home Medical Care“, to her beloved alma mater. GSU accommodated her graciously.

Despite tremendous health challenges of her own, Ms. Killebrew has worked diligently to bring awareness to the homebound/bed bound population needing in-home physician medical care services.

After being discharged from her trusted lifelong physician, Ms. Killebrew’s rare disease symptoms eventually prevented travel. This led to her seeking a vital solution.

This led to her founding her advocacy in 2019. Her hope was to procure a house call physician for her own bed bound needs, as well as assist others in the same situation.

“Barriers have no place in healthcare”

There is a substantial need for in-home medical care providers and better access to caregiver services for Statesboro and beyond. Within a year of founding her online advocacy, Ms. Killebrew felt astonishment. She watched as her advocacy stretched across the U.S. and internationally. Many are now finding the courage and strength to come forward and voice their own struggles to access medical care. Ms. Killebrew enjoys synergizing to assist others.

“Meeting people at their level of need”

Ms. Killebrew said: “In this day and age of both medical and technological advancement, there should be no barriers to virtual and mobile medical care for those in need. Most insurances readily encourage in home medical services. There are specific ICD codes in place to allow for very generous reimbursement as incentives! Health issues should never preclude access to health care.”