Bulloch County Schools’ nomination window for Gifted Services will be open August 1-24, for children in second through eighth grades, who are new to the school district.

This fall review provides a time for teachers, parents, guardians, students, or peers to nominate any newly enrolled student. Students must meet the specifications for this window of consideration.

All nominations must be submitted to the QUEST facilitator at each elementary or middle school by August 24. An online nomination form is available for each elementary and middle school. It’s available on the school district’s Gifted Education Services website at www.bullochschools.org/gifted. Nominations received after the Fall 2022 nomination window closes may be nominated again for the Spring 2023 testing window.

After August 24, nominations are closed and each school’s eligibility team will review student data to determine if a formal evaluation for gifted services is required. A nomination does not guarantee a formal evaluation. Gifted Services are based on need. The review team must establish whether the evidence confirms the need for a formal evaluation. 

If a student is to be evaluated, the child’s parents or guardians will receive a Permission to Test Form to sign and return to the school. This form is required before testing can begin. 

Testing will begin after teams have taken time for the data review and the receipt of permission to test is received by the gifted teacher at the child’s home school.  The school district will conduct testing September 26 through October 28.

Online Talent Development Resources

The school district now offers parents an online resource to help develop the talent and skills of children. Primary Talent Development is an instructional model that provides all students opportunities to develop their talents and achieve their fullest potential. Parents and guardians have the opportunity to enrich their child’s higher order thinking skills through attribute, questioning, and creative problem solving experiences that will nurture and challenge children. Thinking skills such as problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning are extremely important. Through introduction and practice of these skills, children will be better prepared for all academic content areas as well as testing and assessments. Proficiency of these skills also builds confidence and benefits students socially and emotionally.

On the Talent Development webpage at www.bullochschools.org/talent, there are seven lessons families may utilize. The Alike and Different lesson should be divided into two sessions, as stated. These talent development lessons will definitely challenge children to think outside of the box and build higher order thinking skills. Tangram manipulatives for the Musician Tangram Creations have been ordered by the school district. They will be available at the Central Office for families to check out upon request by the end of January.  If you would like to order these manipulatives to check out, please notify Dr. Julie Wilson at jhwilson@bullochschools.org.

Talent development resources available online