East Georgia State College (EGSC) recently received an $18,000 grant from the University System of Georgia (USG). The purpose of the grant is to help adult learners finish their associate degrees.

Adult learners, students 25 years of age and older, often face challenges when trying to complete their degree. These challenges can include family obligations, financial obstacles, and doubts related to their academic self-efficacy.

EGSC plans to use the adult learners grants to implement the “Adult Learners Program” to mitigate these challenges. The program will also help these students to complete their associate degrees.

The Adult Learners Program will focus on the recruitment and retention of former and new EGSC adult learners. Dr. Thomas Caiazzo will serve as the Adult Learners Coordinator for the program.

Among his various tasks, Dr. Caiazzo will be recruiting adult learners. He will be recruiting from local employers, organization on-campus and virtual recruitment events, and semester information sessions. He is also tasked with collaborating with the Adult Learners Team at EGSC to continuously improve the program.

“This grant will allow EGSC to reach out to students who have the potential to finish their degree with us. I will do everything that I can to accommodate these students and promise them they will be treated in a respectful manner,” said Caiazzo.

“I look forward to having these students back in our classes and supporting their academic journey,” said Caiazzo.

“As an access institution, EGSC welcomes both high school graduate and non-traditional students,” said Dr. David Chevalier, associate vice-president for Academic Affairs at EGSC.

“This grant will help us with recruiting and providing opportunities to adult learners, including first generation college students, to attend college and earn a college degree.”

For more information about East Georgia State College and how to apply, visit https://www.ega.edu/admissions/start-here/adult-learners.html.