Grice Connect is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership which will allow them to expand their team, enhance their website, daily email and increase their comprehensive approach to community reporting in Statesboro and Bulloch County.  

The family-owned and community-focused company is a top provider of local news, information, events and impactful journalism in Statesboro and Bulloch County.

Grice Connect is working to build a team of local staff that will continue to focus on the stories that matter most to the people of Statesboro and Bulloch County while providing a full suite of advertising solutions for local businesses.

From breaking news to municipal updates, sports coverage to human interest features, and the latest business developments, community events and obituaries Grice Connect will provide the news that matters most to the community.

Continuing to build on the foundation focused on reliable, credible, and timely local news, Grice Connect has joined Village Media’s Publisher Services Program which will provide the technology powering the new Grice Connect website, back-office services and audience growth services. 

In addition, Village Media will partner with the industry-leading platform, Newspack, which is specifically designed to match the complex needs of digital news publishers, their readers, and advertisers.

Grice Connect will be implementing Village Media’s sales and editorial playbook that has generated great success for their network of local news sites. 

The Google News Initiative is sponsoring Grice Connect into this new program.

Grice Connect is in the process of hiring the local Statesboro-Bulloch County team, establishing partnerships with local businesses, and gathering news and information to keep the Statesboro and Bulloch County community informed.

If you have any questions or want to be more involved, contact the team at

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About Grice Connect:

Grice Connect is a family-owned, community-focused company that was established in 2019. The primary mission of Grice Connect is to be a catalyst for positivity and connectivity in our community. Grice Connect does not want to simply report stories, but also have the ability to impact the lives of the people in our stories in meaningful ways. While also providing timely, fact-based, hyperlocal news and information that keeps our citizens informed and inspired to make a difference. 

About Village Media:

Village Media is an ever-expanding network of local news and information websites across Canada. A champion of local news, Village Media operates some of the largest online news sites in the communities it serves, publishing the latest local news, current events, obituaries, feature stories and more, on an innovative and scalable content management system (CMS) developed in-house. Born digital, this leading-edge company is a pioneer in its industry, continuously expanding its reach and changing the landscape of online news.