The Statesboro Police Department recently held an awards and recognition program at the department honoring the men and women of the department.

Below are the Statesboro Police Department awards:

Chief’s Awards for Excellence 2021

Rookie of the Year:

Officer Jasmyn Perez-Mace

Supervisor of the Year

Captain Andrew Samples

Officer of the Year

APO Jacob Stansell

Leader of the Year

Captain Jared Akins

Communications Officer of the Year

Lashawn Adams

Detective of the Year

Detective Katie Reese

Support Person of the Year

Sherry Coxwell

(civilian award – non sworn)

Awards and Recognitions:

Jacob Stansell

APO Jacob Stansell

Appointed as an Assistant Team Leader on SWAT

Corporal Nick Davis

Earned his POST Supervisory Certificate

The Supervisory Certificate is awarded to currently employed full-time peace officers of a POST-participating agency who possess an Intermediate Certificate, have earned a minimum of sixty semester units at an accredited college, served for a period of two years as a first-level supervisor and who have completed the Supervisory Course.

APO Chris Daughtry

Earned his POST General Instructor Certificate

When one receives their POST General Instructor Certification this allows them to become certified to train other personnel in their local jurisdictions.

Sergeant Jake Saxon and Captain Andrew Samples

Completed the two year Georgia Police Command College through Columbus State University. This intensive program earned both of these officers a Master’s Degree as well as their Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Management Certificates.

Arion Waters

Officer Arion Waters

Recognized with the Meritorious Service Award for his work intercepting DUI drivers in 2021. Officer Waters detected and arrested more than 100 individual DUI drivers during the year, accounting for more than 60% of the total number of DUI arrests recorded by SPD. Detecting and arresting drunk drivers keeps our roadways safer and helps to prevent tragedies.


Andrew Samples:

Promoted to the rank of Captain and is assigned as the Bureau Command

“Captain Samples was promoted due to exceptional merit. His skill level, technical competence, motivated attitude, and professional and personal education have earned him this promotion. I have great confidence that Andrew will do a fantastic job,” said Mike Broadhead, SPD Chief.


Detective James Winksey retired after 25 years of service

Grice Connect salutes and congratulates the SPD officers and staff members on their accomplishments. We watch them work daily to protect and serve our community in extraordinary ways.