UPDATE 5/25/22 4:00 pm: Georgia Power has located the cause of the power outage. A tree limb has fallen on the power line feeding this area near Longhorn Steakhouse. They are working to remove the limb and repair the damage. They estimate the outage will be restored pretty quickly.

Grice Connect is getting reports of a power outage that impacting the Mall and Walmart Supercenter area. The outage is impacting redlights on the Veterans Memorial Parkway. The Statesboro Mall and Walmart Supercenter is without power at at the time this story was published.

Georgia power is reporting 179 homes and businesses without power. They are estimating that it could take over an hour to restore.

Georgia Power is aware of the issue and is working to get power restored as quickly as possible.

We have reached out to Georgia Power for an update and to get an idea of the cause of the outage.

Please use caution when driving in the area.

DeWayne Grice

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