Delicious BBQ and sides, even better conversation, all washed down with a cold brew is Bubba Hunt’s goal at his newest creation, Butts-N-Brews BBQ on the Blue Mile in downtown Statesboro.

With a name like Bubba, do you even have to ask if his BBQ is going to be good? Well for those of you who are curious, the answer is YES. Actually, it is off the chain good. More importantly, if you have ever met Bubba, it is evident he is loves food and people!

Bubba purchased the equipment and took over the lease for the restaurant from the owner of the building, after the owner took it back from the previous operator, and opened Butts-N-Brews BBQ last month.

Looking at the last few weeks of sales and online reviews it is evident, the Boro loves Butts-N-Brews BBQ!

“Cooking has been a passion of mine for some time. That combined with my love for people made this the next obvious evolution in my group of businesses,” said Bubba Hunt. “Food is the best way to connect people to wonderful memories, old and new. I just love being able to create a special place for my friends to come, enjoy some great food and even better fellowship. I am so grateful for everyone’s support. It has been very humbling.”

Bubba kept most of the menu items and recipes. The only real changes is the way he is cooking the meat, smoking it much longer and slower. This takes a lot more work, but the the end result is well worth the effort.

In addition to BBQ pork, brisket, ribs, turkey and chicken you have to try their appetizers and sides. A few of my favorites include the crispy brussel sprouts’, mac and cheese and collard greens.

Butts-N-Brews BBQ, located at 454 South Main in Statesboro, is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11AM to 9PM and on Sunday, 11AM to 4PM. They have fried chicken on the menu on Sunday only.

He has expanded and renovated the patio out back to add additional seating and a full bar, which he hopes to open in June.

Bubba Hunt, wife Kim, Son Matthew and daughter Madelyn Credit: Grice Connect

Bubba thanks his wife Kim for putting up with one more wild idea and supporting him 100% with this new venture.

C.J. Blount is the head pit master and Madi Walker is running the front end. Soon to be GS grad, Conner Batchelor was a delight who served me for my visit.

Georgia BBQ Association Grand Champion

In 2013, Bubba decided to enter the Georgia BBQ Associations Grand Champion competition which was held at the Kiwanis Fairgrounds. A friend of his encouraged him to enter in the hobbyist, backyard BBQ portion of the competition.

Bubba knew he had what it took and entered the pro category and competed against some of the top national level teams. In his typical, go big or go home style, Bubba walked away with the top prize. He was the new BBQ Grand Champion.

Bubba at the Grill Credit: Grice Connect

A few weeks later, with winnings in hand, he and a few of his friends loaded up is old RV, hitched the grill and headed to Vegas to competed in the World BBQ Championships. 48 hours later, they headed back, placing 25th in the World.

Legendary Tailgates

Bubba had developed grill master status, pleasing some of the most experienced BBQ palates known to man, tailgating in the parking lot of Paulson Stadium. Bubba started his over the top, more food than you can imagine, all cooked on site, tailgate experience in 1999 and it has become THE tailgate event. Bubba never charges his guests and anyone who walks under his tailgate tent is treated like you have been friends for life.

Bubba joked that if half of the folks who have eaten with him for free at his tailgates, patronizes the restaurant, it will be a huge success.

Known for Real Estate Sales

Bubba wanted to make sure everyone understands that his commitment to Remax Eagle Creek Realty is as strong as ever. In fact, his team of 23 agents sold over $70 million last year and are on track to repeat that again this year.

He also owns Motto Mortgages, which is lead by Tiffany Cavender and Lauren Hale. They are on track to close $25 million in mortgages this year.

Then there is his Allstate Bubba Hunt Agency, his property management company and Eagle Creek Development, his construction and development company.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Bubba began his career in the pawn industry when he opened his first Pawn City pawn shop in downtown Statesboro. He built this business into a small regional chain of pawn shops before selling it to a national company.

He then entered the real estate business becoming one of the most successful brokers in the market. Seeing other opportunities, he started the other group of businesses listed earlier in the story.

Bubba has a knack for business, marketing and excels in customer service. Stop by, say hello to Bubba and his team and discover a new place to dine and relax on the Blue Mile.

Herschel DeWayne Grice is the founder of Grice Connect an online news and information company in Statesboro, Georgia. DeWayne has been active in the media for over three decades. He brings a unique insight...