Statesboro Mayor Jonathan McCollar drives through Pembroke, Georgia, daily on his way back and to work at his full time job on the Georgia Southern Liberty Campus in Hinesville. On Tuesday, April 5, 2022, he drove through downtown Pembroke just after the tornado touched down.

Tornado Damage
Tornado damage in Bryan County Credit: GC Follower

The mayor shot the video below and narrated what he was seeing as he drove through and shared it with Grice Connect. He wanted Statesboro and Bulloch County to see first hand the impact of this horrible tornado. The mayor praised the citizens of the Pembroke and Bryan County communities along with their public safety workers for how they pulled together to respond.

Mayor McCollar also extended his appreciation to all of the Bulloch County Public Safety workers who immediately responded to help. He said, “We are so blessed to have these incredible men and women who always stand ready to protect our community and our neighbors.”

Video of downtown Pembroke, Georgia shot by Statesboro Mayor Jonathan McCollar

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