UPDATE 4/7/22 12:05 am: Howard Porter from Excelsior EMC is reporting that the Southeast Bulloch Substation is now back on. Their transmission provider switched the transmission line to enable power to be restored at the substation. EMC cres are still out working on various other outages to restore power to all EMS customers. EMC is now reporting 496 Bulloch Citizens remains without power at this time.

Georgia Power is now reporting a significant restoration of power as well. They now have only 597 customers without power. Their crews are working to restore all as soon as possible as well.

A severe thunderstorm has taken a significant amount of the city, GS Campus and county’s power out. At 11:14 PM Georgia Power Company and Excelsior EMC combined are reporting 10,297 citizens without power.

According to Howard Porter with Excelsior EMC they have a transmission line out. They are working to switch the line to get power restored. They do not have an estimated time to restore power at the time of story.

We have also reached out to Georgia Power with no response at the time this story posted.

There was NO report of a tornado touching down in Bulloch County and no major damage reported.


Bulloch County Sherriffs deputies and Bulloch County Public Works have responded to multiple trees down on roadways.

Statesboro Fire Department is seeing a large increase in calls for fire alarms due to power outages, but NO structure fires have been reported.

Red Lights are out as well so PLEASE be cautious driving if you must leave your home.

Grice Connect is following this developing story.

Below are live views of the power outages maps:



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