Bulloch County State Court Judge Joseph Cushner announced that he is seeking another term as State Court Judge for Bulloch County. Cushner became Judge in March, 2020, upon the retirement of previous State Court Judge Gary Mikell and by appointment of Governor Brian Kemp. Prior to his appointment, Cushner served as Solicitor-General of Bulloch County State Court for four years, having been elected to that post in 2016.

Describing his service in State Court, Judge Joseph Cushner said, “As Solicitor-General, I prosecuted over 15,000 cases, with each one making the singular choice of how to best deliver justice to the victims of crime and how to help those who appear there charged with violating the law. One of the most important things we do in State Court is to provide those individuals with the opportunity and, many times, the tools to refocus their lives on productivity and contribution to the community. Since becoming Judge my role has been to fairly and impartially preside over both civil and criminal cases. Citizens can have faith in the judicial system only when they know that their judges are committed to that standard.”

Bulloch County State Court Judge Joseph Cushner

Judge Cushner, a Statesboro native, has spent his entire career in public service. After graduating from Statesboro High School, he attended college and law school at the University of Georgia. Upon receiving his law degree he returned to Bulloch County as an Assistant District Attorney, serving under District Attorney Richard Mallard until his election as Solicitor-General. As an ADA, Cushner prosecuted serious violent felony cases, including aggravated assault, rape, and murder.

When asked about his qualifications, Judge Cushner noted that he has tried every kind of criminal case, from speeding tickets to murder.

“I believe that my broad experience as a prosecutor is one of the most valuable things I have brought to the bench and, in a time of economic uncertainty, it is important to note that the State Court of Bulloch County has operated under-budget every year since I was elected Solicitor-General. I would also add that I am the only candidate with judicial experience. It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Bulloch County and it is my desire to continue to do so.”

Judge Cushner and his wife Leslie, a local attorney, have been married for 10 years and have two daughters, Ella and Charlotte.

For more information on Judge Cushner, please visit https://www.josephcushner.com and on facebook.com/judgecushner.

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