The Bulloch County Board of Commissioners discussed tentative plans for a liquor sales referendum at their regular meeting on Tuesday.

County Manager Tom Couch spoke of ongoing research concerning zoning, ordinance language, and license fees. Couch said he hopes to have the data ready to review by the end of Spring. Addressing the public following Couch’s presentation, Chairman Roy Thomson added, “We want to know what we’re doing and where we’re going before we put it on a referendum.”

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Infrastructure projects move forward

The Board also discussed and unanimously approved two infrastructure projects. A contract was awarded to Hussy Gay Bell in the amount of $124,150 to perform surveying and engineering design services in connection with the paving of a three-mile stretch of Two Chop Road.

Parker Engineering was also awarded a contract for $16,700 to provide similar services for the paving of Antioch Church Road. The former is projected for completion in 2023, while the latter is slated to happen in the current fiscal year. Both projects are funded by TSPLOST.

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King talks investment services

Following a presentation by Chief Financial Officer Krisie King, the Board voted unanimously to formally enter into an agreement with Davenport and Company, a Virginia-based wealth management firm. King said the firm will help to generate a higher return on the County’s tax revenue by establishing a tailor-made investment plan.

Prior to the vote, Couch explained that the Board has informally used the firm as their municipal financial advisors. He believes the newly-formed alliance will be a positive one, as the County currently does not have anyone on staff dedicated to the management of treasury funds.

Akins presents timber harvesting amendment

County Attorney Jeff Akins presented a proposed amendment to Article V of Chapter 10 of the County Code of Ordinances, which governs timber harvesting. Akins explained that the change is necessary to bring the County into early compliance with HB 897, passed in 2020 by the Georgia General Assembly.

HB 897 amended Section 12-6-24 of the Official Code of Georgia to require the state Forestry Commission to establish a centralized notification website for posting regulations and facilitating required legal documents for timber harvesting activities. The use of this system is set to become mandatory for all governing municipalities by the end of 2023, but Akins encouraged the Board to use this time to register on the website and begin planning for implementation. The motion passed unanimously.

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