Clint Nessmith commissioned Portrait Artist Lori Grice to create a portrait experience as a gift for his wife Elizabeth.  He was looking for the perfect milestone birthday and Valentine gift for her and knew how much she loved the artistry of Lori Grice’s portraits.

Elizabeth confessed that she is not the easiest person to purchase gifts for, especially one to mark life’s important milestones. When Clint approached her with the idea of commissioning Lori Grice for a portrait experience she was speechless.

Five years later, with the exception of her engagement ring, that portrait experience remains her most cherished and favorite gift ever.

Always admired Lori Grice’s portraits

One of their favorite photos of the two of them Lori Grice took at their wedding which she attended as a guest.  She was in love with Lori’s work from that point forward.

“I had never been photographed professionally.  Photography, especially professional photography, was something we didn’t do as a child,” said Elizabeth.  “I didn’t have prom pictures or senior pictures and it was something I always regretted.”

He thought it would be great to give her the senior portrait experience she never had in high school.  That is when he reached out to Lori Grice.  Lori’s excitement about the project was contagious and made Clint even more excited.

Cinderella Portrait Experience

Lori met with Elizabeth for her design consultation session and created a Cinderella Portrait Experience.  She recommended the “Mansion on Forsyth” in Savannah as the primary location in Savannah plus locations near the iconic Forsyth Park Fountain.

“Being a stay at home mom is definitely the most rewarding job in the world, but the least glamorous.  I am always focused on giving everything I have to my children and my husband,” said Elizabeth.  “For this day, I was the center of attention.  It was one day that they allowed me to be their Cinderella.  I had my hair and makeup professionally done, purchased the perfect dresses and was whisked away by my Prince Charming to a castle for a night. Everytime I look at the album of portraits, I am immediately transported to this experience which was perfect in every way.”

“Elizabeth and Clint are a very special couple.  Their love for each other is evident if you have ever met them.  It is a wonderful love story and I was honored they allowed me to work with them on this amazing gift,” said Lori Grice.  “They both gave me full creative freedom, once we met and I was able to talk through their goals and dreams for this experience.  They loved all of my ideas and Clint made a significant investment in this portrait experience to ensure it met Elizabeth’s dreams.  Elizabeth was radiant and every portrait I created exudes this.”

Investment that stands the test of time

When Lori meets with her clients for their initial design consultation, she explains that if she does her job well, the portraits are not the product but the souvenir from an experience they will cherish for a lifetime.  In discussing the investment in the portrait experience, she challenges her clients to circle back in five years and compare this investment to another investment similar in price, and tell her which one they value the most.

“Five years later, it is absolutely a worthwhile investment.  It was a fantastic experience that had a fairy tale quality that we will never forget,” said Elizabeth.

Clint agreed, “Every gift you give your wife you want to be meaningful.  Five years later, this is something she talks about often.  When your wife appreciates something this much, it is worth every penny.”

Elizabeth’s portrait experience included an album of Elizabeth’s favorite images, designed by Lori and created in Italy by one of the finest purveyors in the world.

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