Tim Grams, Statesboro Fire Chief, welcomed nine new firefighters to the Statesboro Fire Department in a badge pinning ceremony last week. Eight of them graduated from the departments in-house firefighter training program.

Statesboro Fire Department
New Statesboro Firefighters take their oath of office during the ceremony Credit: SFD

Assistant Chief Jason Baker oversaw the training. Captain Parker Johnson, managed the training. Many other Statesboro Fire officers and firefighters were involved in training the new firefighters helping them to become certified firefighters.

“This is my 25th year in the department. I came in very young and was fortunate enough to work my way through the ranks. Stay young in your career. Enjoy this and don’t be in a rush. Enjoy the experience,” Chief Grams shared with new firefighters. “This ceremony rejuvenates me. These are the types of things that keep me going. When I see the pride in the badge and sense of accomplishment each of you are experiencing today. It is certainly a special moment, I hope you remember this moment throughout your career and always turn back to it during valleys that will come. It is the greatest job in the world and I truly wish the best to all the recruits.”

Below is video of the ceremony in entirety provided by the Statesboro Fire Department.

Welcome new SFD firefighters

Firefighter Maurice Baker

Firefighter Robert Deal

Firefighter Greyson Gawthrop

Firefighter Lawson Gawthrop

Firefighter Conner Gordon

Firefighter Blake Hendrix

Firefighter Daniel Keyfauver

Firefighter Valiant Lyte

Chief Grams also welcomed Firefighter Brandon Rieder. Firefighter Rieder joined the department the same time as the recruits, but he had already completed his training and certification.

Firefighter Brandon Rieder

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