Statesboro’s South Georgia Center for Cancer Care, a member of the Integrated Oncology Network (ION), a nationwide leader in oncology and healthcare management services, cancer treatment center has upgraded their Varian radiation system.

This upgrade to technology at the center is another part of South Georgia’s commitment to treating patients with the most advanced technology.

Credit: SGCCC

The Varian System was upgraded to the newest Halcyon platform, which optimizes productivity, while elevating the way their patients will be treated. The upgrade will include new machinery to the existing vault.

By replacing both the equipment and software, South Georgia is now able to provide a robust, streamlined treatment process for each patient. The Halcyon is designed to be intuitive, friendly, and comfortable for both the clinical staff and patients. This allows for fewer protocols and more opportunities for the staff to provide the highest level of care for every patient.

Some added benefits of the upgrade include:

  • Integrated couch mounted camera to enable close connection between patients and staff
  • Large “LiveView” patient video image embedded in treatment screen
  • Roomy and patient friendly design
  • Improved treatment couch with a lower height that provides easier access and smoother movement
  • Updated remote start of unload process to minimize patient time on couch
  • Varian’s quietest linear accelerator yet to help lower patient stress level
  • Rapid imaging and treatment duration
  • Innovated linear motor design for smoother patient adjustments
Credit: SGCCC

“In developing Halcyon, we set out to rethink the way we approached radiotherapy so you can redefine the way you fight cancer. Every single component, innovation, and minute detail has been designed, engineered, tested, re-tested, and then seamlessly integrated to work together in perfect harmony” – Varian

South Georgia’s dedicated Radiation Oncologists and clinical team are consistently striving for top quality patient care. They are committed to the both the community and each patient’s needs. With the addition of Varian’s Halcyon platform, the level of care in South Georgia takes a step forward.

South Georgia is located at 27 Coach Lee Hill Blvd, Statesboro, GA 30458.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please visit or call (912) 764-3037.

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