The Ogeechee Technical College (OTC) Alumni Association invites all alumni, faculty, staff, and community members to nominate candidates for the 2022 Ogeechee Technical College Outstanding Alumni Awards.

The Outstanding Alumni Awards honors individuals who have graduated from Ogeechee Technical College, who are making outstanding contributions and excelling in their chosen fields, who are giving back to their community, and are dedicated to the advancement of the College.

Nominations will be open January 13, 2022. Entry deadline is March 11, 2022.

The Accomplishments & Contributions Form is your opportunity to tell the alumnus’s story. This section should focus on the nominee’s technical college experience, success in chosen field, community involvement, professional accomplishments and accolades, and charitable contributions (service and monetary).


I. Recent: OTC alumni who have graduated in the past 10 years (2012 – 2022), and who have notable recognition in their chosen field with a promise for continued success.
II. Distinguished: OTC alumni who have graduated prior to 2012, and who have excelled in their chosen field, having attained prominence and/or have had a positive effect on the local, regional or state level.


I. Attended Ogeechee Technical College, completed their program of study, and received a TCC, Diploma or Degree
II. Is in good standing with the College and community
III. Has notable achievements in their field of study
IV. Has participated in public service or charitable activities that support the community and college
V. Is not a previous recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Awards


2020 Alumni Award Winners:

Jessica Mock Named Outstanding Alumni

Mark Anderson Named Distinguished Alumni


2021 Alumni Award Winners:

Caleb Mills Named Outstanding Alumni

Evangeline Huff Named Distinguished Alumni

Sean Payne

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