D.P. Dough, an Amherst, Massachusetts based pizza alternative restaurant has opened at 1550 Chandler road beside Insomnia Cookies. D.P. Dough is located in the former Subway restaurant.

D.P. Dough’s calzones are what they are most known for along with late night hours for dine in or delivery. They are open crazy late, from 11 am to 4 am every day except Sunday. They close at 2am on Sunday.

D.P. Dough
Credit: Grice Connect

David Michael, owner of the Statesboro D.P. Dough franchise, describes the calzones as delicious folded over pizza.

David soft opened the restaurant last week and is very pleased with the response so far.

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From Athens to the Boro

He opened his first D.P. Dough on Broad Street in Athens, Georgia in 2014 with his sister and brother-n-law. He has served as the managing partner of that location since they opened it.

David said the seed was planted to open a location in Statesboro when visiting students from Statesboro came to town for Georgia Southern and UGA football games.

“The Georgia Southern students loved D.P. Dough and every time they came to town they encouraged me to consider bringing the restaurant to the Boro,” said David Michael, owner of D.P. Dough Statesboro. “I began taking a serious look at Statesboro last year. I realized the demographics fit our model. Todd Mannack, was my realtor and he helped me find this location which is perfect for us.”

David has also been very impressed with the number and quality of employees who applied to work at the restaurant. He feels one of the key factors in having so many employees interested is their lucrative pay and benefits. They start employees at $11.00 per hour with no experience and guarantee delivery drivers $14.00 per hour.

Family Connection

David Michael was introduced to the company when his uncle Mark Crumpton and his son Matt Crumpton acquired D.P. Dough in 2010 from the dude, Dan, and his mom, Penny, who founded the company in 1987.

They owned the company for 10 years. During that time they worked to perfect the franchise model and the business.

In 2020 they sold the company to Eric Cook who owned another calzone company at the time called Calios. They were also a fast growing calzone chain. After the acquisition, Cook rebranded all of his Calios restaurants to D.P. Dough. Combined there are now 45 locations across the United States. They are focused on high growth of the chain in the next few years.

David and his wife, who is a registered dietitian, have four children, aged 7,5,2 and 9 months. Two boys and two girls. No question he is a very busy man.

Join Grice Connect in welcoming David and D.P. Dough to Statesboro by giving them a try. Click here to place your D.P. Dough order for pickup or delivery.

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