Leslie Akins, Bulloch County Tax Commissioner would like to remind citizens that the property tax deadline is Wednesday, December 1, 2021. Your payment must be received by December 1 to avoid a penalty.

Grice Connect received reports of long lines at the Tax Commissioner’s office in the Bulloch County Annex on Monday. Akins confirmed that her office has been very busy, but her staff is working hard to move customers through as quickly as possible.

Credit: Grice Connect

Leslie Akins also wants to remind citizens there are several other ways in which you can pay your taxes in addition to in person at the office.

  • You can mail your property tax payment into the office, but they need to receive it by 12/1.
  • There is also a drop box outside the office where citizens can drop their payment.
  • Lastly, and one that has become very popular is the online payment option.

Citizens can go to bullochcountypay.com. This is an upgraded option for the office. You can pull up your bill, print the bill and email the bill through the website.

If you have questions about your property taxes you can reach the tax office by phone at 912-764-6285 or by email at propertytax@bullochcounty.net

DeWayne Grice

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