Georgia Southern University’s Office of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction earned multiple Georgia Peach Green Building Awards at the 2021 Georgia Association of State Facilities Administrators (GASFA) Conference.

“We are honored to accept the Peach Awards on behalf of Georgia Southern University,” said Associate Vice President for Facilities Kathryn V. Twining. “The awards underscore the University’s commitment to sustainable practices in design and construction and speak to the hard work and dedication of the staff of the Division of Facilities Services, and in particular our staff within the Office of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction.”

(l-r):Tim Stillwell, associate director of construction, Sandi Wilkinson, project manager II, and Matthew Shingler, director of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Credit: Georgia Southern University

The department earned the top state honors for the construction of the Interdisciplinary Academic Building, a multipurpose, multistoried building with flexible space that is equipped with state-of-the-art classroom technology, and the Engineering and Research building, a sleek, 135,000-square-foot structure, comprising 21 cutting-edge instructional research labs, 25 academic learning spaces, configurable labs and a renewable energy rooftop lab. The remodeling of the University Police Department facility also earned a Peach Award.

The purpose of the Georgia Peach Program is to rate and recognize buildings owned or managed by the state that optimize energy performance, increase the demand for materials and furnishings produced in Georgia, improve the environmental quality in this state, conserve energy, protect the state’s natural resources and reduce the burden on the state’s water supply.